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Rostock declaration 2008

The Baltic Sail conference, in session on 10th October 2008, declares:

The concept of preserving traditional ships and craft for future generations by keeping them in operation has turned out to be very successful during the past three decades. Maritime festivals and regattas frequently attract hundreds of thousands of spectators. Major maritime festivals such as the Baltic Sail festivals and many others in various ports of Europe, testify that the public has a broad interest in the operating maritime heritage. If we are to pass on this experience to our successors we must work together on a European level: by sharing expertise and resources among member states of the EU to ensure that this precious cultural heritage of maritime skills and traditions is not allowed to die from neglect.


den ungekürzten Text der Rostock declaration als PDF

EU Green paper:"Towards a future maritime policy" 2007

Zum Green Paper der EU: Towards a Future Maritime Policy"

hier die EMH-Beiträge als PDF

Rotterdam declaration 2007

The triennial Congress of European Maritime Heritage meeting at Rotterdam on 17-18 April 2007

  • applauds the initiative from the Commission of the European Communities to promote strategic objectives that embrace all aspects of maritime and coastal activity in Europe, as summarised in the Commission’s Green Paper "Towards a future Maritime Policy for Europe"
  • welcomes the recognition in the Green Paper that maritime culture and heritage retain a central role in understanding how Europe’s present dominant position in maritime trade has evolved, and in planning for the future.
  • recognises the potential of maritime culture as a non-political and benign expression of regional identity and European identity at the same time, enabling neighbours across political, religious or geographical boundaries to enjoy and celebrate their shared values and heritage, and to demonstrate the distinctive status of their region without recourse to divisive contention or jealousy.

den ungekürzten Text der Rotterdam declaration als PDF

MoU London 2005

Das Memorandum of Understanding wurde 2005 in London ein zweites Mal unterzeichnet.

Die Dokumente und eine ausführliche  Erklärung zum MoU

Charta von Barcelona 2002

In Anlehnung an die „Charta von Venedig“, die 1964 den Umgang mit alten Gebäuden, Monumenten und historischen Stätten regelte, setzt die „Charta von Barcelona“ europaweit gültige Mindeststandards für die Erhaltung und Pflege von in Betrieb befindlichen historischen Wasserfahrzeugen.

Die Charta von Barcelona als PDF  in deutsch oder englisch 

MoU Wilhelmshaven 2000

Das Memorandum of Understanding wurde im Jahre 2000 in Wilhelmshaven erstmals unterzeichnet.

Die Dokumente des MoU 2000